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Release Date: 8/31/2016 11:30:50 AM

LOUISVILLE, KY August 31, 2016 – UPS pilots, represented by the Independent Pilots Association, today ratified a new five-year labor agreement.

The contract ratified with more than 91 percent of the vote, with more than 98 percent of the eligible members casting ballots.

The collective bargaining agreement, which goes into effect tomorrow, covers the more than 2,500 union pilots at UPS Airlines.  The new labor agreement becomes amendable on Sept. 1, 2021.

Key components of the agreement include:

  • An immediate pay increase of 14.65% and 3% annual wage increases over the life of the contract, for a compounded increase of 29.04%
  • A $60,000 signing bonus for Captains, and a $40,000 signing bonus for First Officers
  • A 40% increase to the defined benefit pension plan
  • Crew rest enhancements, including more favorable duty period limits for overnight and international flights; additional sleep facilities at major gateways; and sleep modules in UPS B767 aircraft
  • A commitment by UPS to work with the IPA in applying the latest in fatigue science to pilot scheduling

“Important gains were made in all areas of the contract to include improvements in the critical area of pilot scheduling,” said IPA President Robert Travis. Referring to the new agreement’s provisions to apply fatigue science to current UPS scheduling practices, Travis said that “time will tell whether or not UPS is willing to embrace changes that could lead to a safer operation.”

Travis stated that the pilot union will continue to advocate for cargo’s inclusion into duty and rest rules now applicable only to passenger flying. “Our advocacy for one level of aviation safety continues,” he added.

The IPA is the collective bargaining unit representing the more than 2,500 professional pilots who fly for United Parcel Service, the world's largest transportation company. The IPA is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.

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