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Release Date: 11/4/2010

LOUISVILLE, November 4, 2010 – UPS (NYSE: UPS) and the Independent Pilots Association, the collective bargaining unit for its 2,800 pilots, today signed a memorandum of understanding that establishes joint UPS/IPA Safety and Security Task Forces. Both will be made up of six members, three named by each party.

"This agreement reaffirms our common objective of efficiently and effectively operating the UPS airline with safety and security as our twin priorities and guiding principles. We appreciate the company efforts in reaching this agreement," said IPA President, Captain Robert Thrush.

The Safety Task Force will address the following issues: Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS); full face oxygen masks; comprehensive fire mitigation and suppression systems; checklists procedures for smoke and fire; and the carriage of lithium batteries and other fire/smoke hazards.

"UPS and IPA acknowledge that the air cargo/express package industry faces unique threats in the era of global terrorism. We also recognizes the key role our pilots can play in the mitigation and management of these threats both from the flight deck and by working together to improve cargo security and screening," said Captain Thrush.

The Security Task Force will address the following issues: communication and coordination within/between UPS, affected crewmembers, and the IPA; air cargo security procedures; threat procedures; improved access to security directives; perimeter security; and background checks for those who have access to UPS aircraft.


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